Simple Rules for Innovation Strategy

How a specific set of questions helps contrast disruptive, modular, and enabling innovations

My first experience teaching first-year undergrads

Teaching someone can teach you more.

Enterprises are Complex Systems

The complex adaptive systems view of enterprises provides a new view for building enterprise resilience.

Purpose-Context: A framework to systematize the front-end for repeatable Innovation

Automated tools augment structured thinking in the divergent-convergent thought process towards Innovation Science. Innovation, a ubiquitous term in today’s world, so frequently uttered that it raises caution before use, lest one be accused of being labeled a buzz word presser.

A Typology of Enterprise Risks

Enterprises are subject to several risks. This typology helps understand them more clearly.

Are university endowments using the VC vehicle adequately in their growth strategy?

Seeking out small but well-situated funds focused on early-stage healthcare-tech is a triple win for university endowments Endowments exist to serve as a financial buffer, ensure the survival of an institution’s reputational capital, and protect universities’ intellectual freedom 1.