Ananya Sheth

Ananya Sheth

PhD Candidate

Purdue University

I am a PhD candidate at Purdue University’s Innovation Science Laboratory. My work focuses on better understanding the tension between risk management and growth in enterprises with the objective of building resilient organizations. Specific research interests include understanding enterprise risks as complex networks and pursuing systematic, repeatable innovation using the Innovation Science lab’s innovation toolkit.

A proposal to study enterprise risk management using complexity theory was awarded by the Decision, Risk, and Management Science Program of the National Science Foundation!

Research Areas

  • Enterprise Resilience
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Societal Grand Challenges
  • Collective Intelligence


  • Natural Language Processing
  • Simulation Modeling
  • Early-stage Venture Capital
  • Digital-healthcare Technology


  • PhD, Spring 2021 (expected)

    Purdue University, USA

  • MS in Civil Engineering, 2016

    Purdue University, USA

  • BE in Civil Engineering, 2012

    Manipal University, India

  • High School, 2008

    Essar International, India

Doctoral Committee

Recent News

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  • March 2021: Successfully delivered a talk on enterprise risk management at the CASN-RA at Arizona State University. You can view the slides here!

  • March 2021: Grateful to have been invited to present at the Complex Adaptive Suppy Networks - Research Accelerator CASN-RA at Arizona State University alongwith Prof. Rachna Shah on March 4-5, 2021. Please see this space for event details!

  • Feb 2021: Grateful to the Lyles School of Civil Engineering at Purdue University for the appreciation!

  • January 2021: A co-authored article introducing parallels between the process of Innovation and Language is now published. Please access the article here. Upcoming shortly is a demo, enabling you to rapidly extract Purpose-Context pairs from your data!

  • December 2020: Had a successful 3rd meeting with my doctoral committee… On the path to graduation!

Recent & Upcoming Talks

A Comprehensive Typology of Complex SC Risk Networks using a Data Driven Approach

A talk on comprehensive supply chain risks and resiliency.

Recent Publications

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Framing the Intractable -- Comprehensive Success Factor Analysis for Grand Challenges

Comprehensive Success Factor Analysis as a method to better frame Socio-technical Grand Challenges

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